Scholars Academy provides a nurturing, caring, and encouraging environment to build self-esteem and independence.
We provide our students with tools to empower them with life long learning skills & experiences so that they can achieve their highest potential.


Saturday, April 14, 2018
& April 28th, 2018
(11:30am – 1:00pm)

We are currently enrolling for Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Afternoon Kindergarten, Homework Club, and Tutoring program.
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  • More than 33 years of excellence in the Evergreen Area

  • Strong network of 1500+ Scholars Academy Alumni

  • Alumni have successfully become engineers, doctors, lawyers and artists.

  • Alumni are graduates of MIT, Harvard, and UC Berkeley.

  • Personalized engagement and attention

    We believe students excel in smaller groups. All of our classes are on average 1:8 teacher:student ratio.

  • Excellent academic programs

    Teachers are fully invested in ensuring students are getting the proper education and building strong skills sets. We have various  programs since we know there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to education.

  • Qualified teachers

    To teach is an art. Our staff is fully vetted and committed to your child’s excellence. We have well qualified and highly experienced teachers.

  • Extracurricular activities

    We offer a range of extracurricular activities that enable students to exercise and enhance skills outside of the classroom such as Karate, Soccer, and Gymsters.

  • Participation in annual programs

    There are many unique elements at Scholars Academy, but we enjoy hosting annual events where students can show-off their work at our Poetry Contest, Speech & Debate, Spelling Bee, Mother’s Day Tea, and Fun Fair.

  • Diverse Campus

    We take pride in diversity at our campus from students to faculty.


Scholars Academy’s Preschool program is unique.

We believe that each child has an inherent talent and must be challenged to perform to their optimum ability. It is our commitment to have a program that is developmentally appropriate. It is our aim to provide daily activities that will promote a child’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.


Scholars Academy has a well rounded Program geared towards the overall development and growth of our students.

We offer small class sizes, a caring nurturing environment, qualified teachers and an excellent academic program. Our students have access to a wide variety of extra-curricular activities within class time.


The school curriculum is awesome!! Our daughter is reading two levels above her grade. Our son went from bottom of the class to a top reader in just two months. The teachers are loving and caring, and follow a great curriculum where all children succeed. Our kids look forward to school each and every day!

Samantha CuevasParent

Our daughter has been enrolled with Scholars Academy for the past three years. We are extremely happy with the school. All the teachers are very caring and professional… We get to know daily progress on our daughter’s overall development. The school ensures balance of academics, sports, and developing good manners and behavior. Most importantly our daughter is excited to be in the school with her friends. This makes us happy to drop her off at the school and be ensured of good care for her.

Vishal KarnikParent

“Both of my daughters attended preschool at Scholars. My oldest attended for one year and had one of the best teachers any student (or parent!) can ask for. Under this teacher’s guidance, she blossomed into a kind, curious, and smart girl. My younger daughter’s first school year teacher at Scholars will probably be her favorite teacher for life! The staff at the school is amazing and very friendly! I would happily recommend this school!”

Sridevi GovindarajaParent

This is my daughters second year at Scholars. We LOVE it. We have watched our little one blossom this past year from a shy ,clingy toddler into a confident little 4.5 year old who speaks confidently to a group and is learning to hold her own in groups of friends. The teachers are caring and genuinely interested in the child. As someone who used to work full time and is now a stay at home mommy it was very important to me to be able to have open dialogue with the teachers often. This is something that has pleased me immensely that I am able to pick up my daughter,chat with her teachers and get to know them. Our daughter “graduated” Pre -K and is now in the Elementary Building attending their Kindergarten Challenge program. It is demanding of the child but in the nicest way possible. We love when our little one comes home with the sprouts she is growing in what she calls ” scientist class” or enthusiastically shares her songs, yoga or fire drills with us. We also love the “public speaking” element where each child is encouraged to speak in the assembly on a current affair. Our daughter talks about eating healthy , keeping her environment clean, and is able to read short one vowel word books without hesitation. Thanks Scholars Academy for being the best “first “school our daugther could have ever asked for. We highly recommend the program to anyone who wants an an academically challenging, yet well rounded education for their child’s formative ( pre k through 1st grade) years.

Aliya Patel-ModyParent

“My son started at Scholars Academy 8 years ago, when he was only 2&1/2.  He has adopted this institution as his second home.  He would really love to stay here “FOREVER”, as he puts it! To hear that statement from your child means so much.  It makes you feel so at peace that your child is happy and content where he is.  All the challenges that the school has made him face, brings security to us as parents that he is ready for the real world. I salute to the accredited teachers that molded him since day one.  The calm endurance of homework club teachers that guided him all these years are also wonderful. The whole experience with Scholars Academy is Excellent! I would definitely recommend it to anyone.”

Dr. Rose Feliciano – ZarrabianParent

“Our daughter started going to Scholars Academy when she was 3 years old.  She has developed her learning skills and her social skills.  I give full credit to the teachers and the staff who are loving, approachable and provide personal attention.  The school’s curriculum has a good balance of academics and overall development.  I will recommend Scholars Academy without any reservations.”

Priti KartikParent

“My 2 children have been at Scholars Academy since the last 6 years.  Over the years, I have seen constant improvement in the curriculum and activities.  But one thing that has never changed from day one is that my children think that LEARNING IS FUN.  I am very happy that I chose this school.”

Kayoko Matsunaga Parent

“I have found Scholars Academy to be an excellent school with a strong academic curriculum along with a very loving & caring environment.  We have been affiliated with the school since the last 10 years / and have always seen that the teachers take great personal interest in laying a strong foundation for the children’s development.  Their extra-curricular activities keep the children engaged & looking forward to school all year around. I would like to congratulate the school & its staff on completion of 25 years.”

Shital & Himanshu Shah
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