Scholars Academy is Evergreen’s Private School. It is less than 5 miles from all Evergreen locations.

  • Personal attention
  • Excellent SAT Scores.
  • Exceptional academic curriculum.
  • A unique and a well balanced Program with extracurricular activities included in the class schedule.
  • Various classes available within the school premises.
  • Small classes.
  • Qualified Staff.
  • Nurturing and caring environment
  • Regular Director, Assistant Director and Teacher conferences with the parents and student performance update


Scholars Academy Preschool is committed to develop the potential of each child so that they can become the leaders of tomorrow. Children must be nurtured and well cared for. They are encouraged and given positive reinforcement so that they can establish independence and self esteem. This in turn fosters confidence to develop strong thinking skill.

Scholars Academy provides a learning environment that is conducive to the development of the children’s expressive, social, communicative, physical and cognitive skills. It is our belief that total learning is when a child develops as a whole. Scholars Academy is a highly academic school with a well balanced curriculum with a lot of fun activities and experiences to make learning a delightful experience. Problem solving, critical thinking and many other life skills are achieved through play.

Scholar Academy Preschool’s is a 3 year program. Each year is geared towards age appropriate development, always keeping the children challenged. The first year initiates with learning simple tasks and skills. In the 3rd year of Preschool(Pre-Kindergarten) at Scholars Academy, students are offered Kindergarten Saxon Math and Phonics program, and are proficient at Kindergarten level work by the the end of the year.

The Administration and staff at Scholars Academy are well qualified, apply the best techniques for teaching and genuinely care for the children and their development.


Scholars Academy has a very strong and highly challenging Academic Standard in the areas of Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. Our teachers closely monitor students progress to unfold their strengths. Our nurturing staff is also highly motivated and has a genuine interest in the development and well being of our students. The small classes allow the teachers and the teacher’s aides to give each child individual attention.

Scholars Academy has a well-integrated program. Reading and writing skills inspire students to put their thoughts into words. All students, including our Kindergarteners, are encouraged to participate in the annual Science Fair. Each year our students participate in the Spelling, Geography Bee,and Speech/Debate contests at school level, and Poetry contest at National Level. Students from each grade level are selected for the year-end Scholars Academy Awards to acknowledge their achievements. Academics is balanced with Art, Computer, Music, and Drama. These activities help our children build self-esteem and a love for learning. Our Calendar events provide opportunities for our students to self discover and cultivate personal integrity. Our individually tailored curriculum allows each child to work at his/her pace, moving to the next task only when a full understanding of the work at hand has been achieved. All students are encouraged to move up to higher grade level work when they are ready. Most of our students are working one grade level ahead in Math or Language Arts or both.

We use Saxon Publishers for Phonics, Scotts Foresman for Math and Reading Series. We also use other publishers for review work.

The Curriculum head, the Director, and the Assistant Director meet with the teachers, during which each students progress, daily curriculum, and exam results are discussed. Alternative plans are implemented when needed. Monthly curriculum goals are sent out to parents. There are conferences for each trimester for the elementary school students with the Directors, parent, and teacher. The reports of the conferences are discussed with the Curriculum head. A comprehensive plan of action is formulated for optimum progress. There are bi-yearly progress conferences for the preschool students with the Director, parent, and teacher, thus allowing plenty of opportunities for parents to discuss their child’s on-going progress.

Scholars Academy has a well-integrated program. Students are introduced to literature series as early as Kindergarten. This evolves a sophisticated sense of literature and establishes a firm foundation for extensive vocabulary. Daily Journal writing inspires students to put their thoughts into words. Our kindergarteners are also encouraged to participate in the annual Science Fair. Each year our students enter the Poetry, Spelling Bee, and Geography contests. Students from each grade level are selected for the year-end Principal’s Award to acknowledge their achievements.

It is our commitment to help each student reach his/her optimum potential and excel in each and every endeavor he/she undertakes.