Scholars Academy Preschool

Scholars Academy has a well rounded program geared towards the overall development, growth & building of self confidence in our students.


Meeting the needs of young children while providing academic excellence, artistic expression, social skills, play, and other activities in an environment that fosters self-esteem, growth and smiles.

Scholars Academy’s Preschool program is unique. We believe that each child has an inherent talent and must be challenged to perform to their optimum ability.

It is our commitment to have a program that is developmentally appropriate. It is our aim to provide daily activities that will promote a child’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.

Scholars Academy has a very nurturing environment. Our Director and teachers are extremely caring. The 3 years in preschool are progressive learning steps. The students begin with simple skills like holding a crayon, sharing with friends, developing concepts and learning phonics. In the 3rd year of Preschool(Pre-Kindergarten) at Scholars Academy, students are offered Kindergarten Saxon Math and Phonics program, and are proficient at Kindergarten level work by the the end of the year. They are ready for 1st grade level work in Kindergarten. Our children develop a healthy desire to discover and learn.

Our Preschool Program Features:

Language enrichment
Journals- Draw and Write
Story Time
Numbers, Math & Manipulatives
Listening Skills
Science & Social Studies
Nursery Rhymes
Weekly Themes
Arts and Craft
Music & Movement
Character Building
Good Manners
Extra Classes